Adjustable Neck White Strap Polka Dot Burgundy Bow Tie | Boys Formal Accessories | SIRRI 2021

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    Bow Tie Height: 1.57"
    Bow Tie Width: 3.5"
    Maximum Strap Length: 14.5"
    Made from luxurious polyester cotton blend
    Adjustable Neck Size Straps, and Hook
    Perfect for Gatherings, Weddings, Events.

    For a sophisticated look, nothing matches a bow tie. Complete the look for your boy with a cute bow tie, an accessory that can be matched with a hankie. Our variety of colours and prints will give whatever you look you’re going for be it vintage, or a trendy look that gives a twist on the classic look. Choose an optional waistcoat to complete give a finishing edge. The bow ties come pre-tied, with adjustable neck size straps and hook

    Product information:
    Made from poly-cotton blend
    Heigth: 1.57"
    Width: 3.5"

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    Altersspanne0-24 Monate, 2-7 Jahre, 8-14 Jahre, 15-16 Jahre
    Designer / MarkeSirri
    Stil / DesignStreifen
    Hergestellt ausPoly / Viskose, Baumwolle
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